• Your total carbohydrate intake should be below 100 grams per day, and less than 1400 calories per day. You may personalize this goal based off your physical parameters.
  • You are not permitted to eat anything outside of this menu, except for 1 “cheat meal” per week where you can eat out if you wish.
  • Eat 2 meals per day. The order of the meals is just a suggestion. Some people omit some of the lunch options and repeat meals multiple days, and that is fine. 
  • Eat up to 2 snacks/desserts from snack and dessert list. Fruit counts as a snack. 
  • Drink only water, tea, coffee, and sugar-free beverages. 


  • You should already have the pantry items.
  • The meal plan has an option to print out a shopping list (or you can just read the list using your smart phone. You can even cross items off the list while shopping by tapping on the name of the item) 

Lunches this week

There are 6 options a week for lunch, some recipes will make enough for 2 or more meals. You do not have to eat every meal on the list (you could even eat the same thing every day if you really wanted to). If there is a recipe you don’t plan on eating, you can cross off the ingredients on the shopping list.

  1. Pimento cheese sandwich290 calories, 24gm carb. This recipe makes enough spread for 8 sandwiches, so it can be used for multiple lunches or for snacks.
  2. The Astro veggie burger350 calories, 35gm carb. Morningstar garden veggie burger and Monterrey jack cheese on Martin’s Potato roll. This can be enjoyed with no prior preparation time, so is handy in a pinch.
  3. Mixed salad with shrimp370 calories, 9 gm carb. This recipe makes 2 servings. The shrimp are made ahead of time in about 10 minutes, and will store in the fridge for 3-4 days.
  4. Smashed chickpea salad wrap340 calories, 44gm carb. This is the veggie version of a chicken salad. This wrap is amazing. Don’t let your coworkers taste it, or they will make you bring them one too.
  5. Venice beach wrap550 calories, 45gm carb. This wrap is bursting with veggie goodness, with yellow squash and red cabbage serving as the sturdy base. It’s made creamy by the addition of goat cheese and avocado, and is finally brightened up by lemon juice and tomato. This needs to be prepped on sunday night, but will make enough for 2 meals.
  6. The Making Fitness Shake210 calories, 9gm carb. This drink is creamy, chocolaty, and will satisfy a sweet tooth.  It functions well as a meal replacement, a snack, or as a pre/post-workout drink.
  7. “I absolutely need to eat out for lunch today”. You can eat salad if the calorie and carbohydrate content is listed at the restaurant (which most places now do. The salad must be less than 550 calories and 25 gm carbs.

Dinners this week

We have 4 options for dinner. Two of the dinners make leftovers that reheat well, so you will have 6 meals accounted for each week. Meals typically take 30-45 minutes to prepare.