How much fruit should I eat?

Fruit provides valuable vitamins and other micronutrients. To avoid blood glucose spikes and weight gain, however, I recommend that most people limit fruit intake to 2 servings per day, and limit servings to 15 grams of carbohydrate or less. 

Suggested 15gm or less serving sizes of fruit

Apple, small (2-3/4 inch diameter). 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Apricots, 1 cup. 80 calories, 16 gm carb.

Banana, ½ medium. 50 calories, 13 gm carb.

Blueberries, 3/4 cup. 60 calories, 14 gm carb.

Blackberries, 1 cup. 60 calories, 10 gm carb.

Cantaloupe, 1 cup diced. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Cherries, 12. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Dates, 3 each. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Figs, 2 medium. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Grapefruit, ½ large. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Grapes, 3 oz (about 17 grapes). 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Honeydew, 1 cup diced. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Kiwi, 1 each. 40 calories, 9 gm carb.

Nectarine, 1 small. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Orange, 1 small. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.Raspberries, 1 cup. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Pear, ½ large. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Plums, small (5 ounce). 60 calories, 15 gm carb.     

Papaya, 1 cup diced. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Pineapple, 3/4 cup cubed. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Strawberries, 1.25 cups. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Tangerine, 1 small. 60 calories, 15 gm carb.

Does the fruit need to be fresh, or can I eat processed fruit products?

You should strive to only eat fresh or frozen fruits.

Avoid fruit juices (unless you are treating hypoglycemia)! Drinking juice is essentially mainlining glucose into your veins (which is why we use it to treat hypoglycemia). Yes, I even mean fruits that you juice yourself. If you have to drink fruit, then make a smoothie (which retains the fiber) and be careful about the portion of fruit.

Avoid store-bought dried fruit (which is typically infused with fruit juices to pump up the sugar content). You can eat fruit you dry yourself or dried fruits you are certain have no added sugar as long as you are mindful of the portion.

Do not eat canned fruit, it is loaded with added sugar and is essentially as healthy as eating a candy bar.